Blue Nile Diamonds Review (2023 Update)

Blue Nile Diamonds Review

Every industry has a brand that’s tailor-made for the budget-friendly masses. Coffeeshops have Starbucks, retail has Target, and we have Blue Nile for diamonds.

Although, diamonds are diamonds and will always have a high market value, some are just incomparable to high-end brands in their niche. But there are once that, although more affordable for average Joes, are still far up in their game when it comes to supreme quality. Can we say the same for Blue Nile? Let’s find out.

Modern Dropshipping Method

Blue Nile Diamond Rings


Blue Nile is a major player in the online diamond business. They’re a Seattle-based publicly traded company that has been around since 1999. In fact, they’re the first one to start selling diamonds online.

Nowadays, Blue Nile boasts of the largest online assortment of diamonds with a staggering number of 270,000 diamonds to choose from! They claim to be “The Source of Brilliance.”

Blue Nile runs as a pure dropshipping business like most online diamond vendors. This means that they don’t possess any of the diamonds listed on their website. And this is also the reason why they’re able to display a lot of diamonds. Did I mention 270,000?! Okay, just checking.

Dropshipping Blue Nile

Once you have chosen a diamond and a ring setting, the supplier will ship it to the ring setting contractor. There, your rock will be mounted and shipped directly to you! This model is advantageous insofar as the prices are comparably cheaper.

However, this also means that your diamond and ring will not be reviewed by any Blue Nile staff before shipment. Basically, only the diamond supplier and the ring setting contractor will get to see the diamond before you receive it.

So, you can’t expect a pro review from Blue Nile’s staff telling you that for some reason they would rather recommend you buying another diamond. Honestly, this is fine as long as you know about it.

Inventory of Diamonds and Pricing

Blue Nile Inventory


To put it up front: Blue Nile offers every kind of diamond! So, yes there are superb diamonds, but there are also utterly lousy ones, which is no surprise considering their huge selection.

All diamonds are GIA or AGS certified. This means that Blue Nile only offers diamonds graded by reliable grading labs. So, you don’t need to worry about ending up with an inferior stone. Especially in engagement ring settings they are superb! Around 1400 engagement ring settings to choose from.

They also have all the ten most popular diamond shapes in their inventory. Plus, they offer over 1000 fancy colored diamonds. These are usually rare and hard to find!

Diamond Color for Fancy Shapes

All of Blue Nile’s fancy colored diamonds are natural so that you won’t have to worry about getting a treated diamond. In general, a wide array of options to choose from is usually a good thing.

Although the amount of available options can become paralyzing, especially if you are browsing very popular diamond shapes like the round cut diamond. It can be challenging to compare one diamond to another. Luckily, Blue Nile has the filter tool for that.

Usability of Blue Nile’s Website

Blue Nile Website

Now, it might seem a little bit strange that I am criticizing the large number of diamonds that you can choose from. You would think that it’s a very positive thing! However, this issue becomes especially pronounced with Blue Nile because, in the past, you wouldn’t really see the diamonds you are browsing:

Browsing through Blue Nile diamonds

You see, this was how you would browse through diamonds at Blue Nile. You wouldn’t have any clue what your diamond will look like in real life. If you click on a diamond, only a sample picture – that doesn’t have anything to do with the real diamond – will pop up.

Furthermore, having no pictures of the actual diamond is especially inconvenient for fancy shaped diamonds. The grading report of an oval, pear, or marquise won’t tell you anything about whether the diamond will exhibit a bow tie effect or not!

The GIA or AGS grading report is accessible. But such a grading report will only provide the technical details. It won’t tell you anything about the actual look:

Blue Nile diamond with a GIA grading report

Blue Nile was able to catch up with its giant rivals James Allen and Whiteflash as they’ve introduced their own video technology as well. The imagery is not as top-notch as James Allen’s, but at least now they have the right diamond images paired with every diamond info.

Fresh Packaging

Blue Nile New Packaging

Along with their brand-new viewing technology comes another visual treat in the form of their latest packaging. The ring comes with documentation as with other brands. But the new star of the show is ironically the box with the simplest of all designs. It seems more minimal than the old packaging yet evokes a classier appeal. It indeed runs with Blue Nile’s classic ease and modern elegance.

The Takeaway


Blue Nile is for those who are on a budget and expect a lot of options. They’re no. 1 when it comes to the inventory of loose diamonds, so you’ll have no problem finding something that matches your style. They also have awesome customer service and offer very competitive pricing. Just be patient on scouring through thousands of diamonds!

With their 360º videos, Blue Nile has reinvented themselves for diamond shoppers and redeemed their name in the eyes of critics. There’s no more guesswork involved. Thus you can really be sure you see what you’re buying.

The big blue is a great place to start. And just like any other industry, you may explore what other brands can offer if you shift your gears to a more comprehensive (or more expensive) diamond search. But for starters, Blue Nile fits the bill. 🙂


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