Leibish & Co. Diamonds Review

Presenting a unique selection of life’s vibrant shades, Leibish & Co. is made for contemporary aficionados and color lovers alike! Their pieces are far from plain and boring as they craft colorful diamonds and gemstones to exemplify the wearer’s charm and personality.

Leibish Engagament Rings

We have to admit that Leibish stones are magnetizing. And you definitely can’t say that they’re just like traditional diamond shops. At first glance, anyone can be hooked by the vivid colors. But beneath the façade and behind their success, what makes Leibish the top choice for fancy color diamonds? Is Leibish worth your money? Let’s find out!

Before Making History

Leibish About Us

On his way to London in 1979, Leibish Polnauer found out that the polishing company he was working for had been shut down. But what are the chances that the paper he’s reading that day contains the ad from Garrard & Co that will change his life?

The royal crown jeweler was looking for a rare diamond and Leibish decided to accept the challenge. He crossed three continents and found every diamond Garrard asked for. The rest, as they say, is history!

Leibish Founder

Leibish & Co. is now a family business and is deemed as “one of the largest buyers at the annual prestigious Argyle Tender.” They also pioneered online diamond selling in 1995 and consistently supply some of the biggest luxury jewelers such as Graff. The fancy-color expert is today’s leading supplier of Fancy Color Diamonds with global headquarters in Hong Kong, Israel, and New York.

Leibish & Co. Fancy Color Diamond Mastery

 Leibish Fancy Color Diamonds

The secret sauce in great marketing is to focus on a specific product and demographic. Leibish & Co. is thriving today because they abide by this rule. They specialize in what they’re good at – fancy color diamonds, that is. Despite a wide variety of shapes, sizes, clarities, hues, and price range, Leibish experts never fail to only choose the best of the best.

Their diamond buyers scour the globe to visit mines, canvass private collections, and join international tradeshows to provide the finest stones for their customers. All Leibish diamonds are conflict-free and naturally mined in Africa, India, Russia, and Australia with GIA certificates, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Pricing and Rarity

Leibish Jewelry

And how much should you spend exactly?

As you know, pricing goes up with rarity. The more limited the stocks are, the more expensive it becomes. Since there are only a few diamond shops that sell fancy color diamonds with high-quality images (so you can assure accurate clarity), Leibish is able to justify their premium pricing.

Considering they own their diamonds, they’re expected to up their pricing to compensate for their inventory costs, but Leibish & Co. base their pricing from limited, high-quality fancy color diamonds.

Aside from the diamond or gem makeup itself, settings also play a huge part in the overall beauty and value of the jewelry. With their superb craftsmanship and intricate stylings, Leibish proves to be worth your money.

 Online Shopping Experience

Looking at their main podium for business, you can instantly see that they share the same clean format with most modern shops these days. Their website is neat, easy to navigate, and bears big, bold texts. This way, you can smoothly read through their content or easily spot what you’re looking for.

Just take a look at their filter tool. You may set it with a particular shape, intensity, carat, clarity, and price:

Leibish Search Tool

The diamonds are clearly displayed and accompanied by their specs, price, and availability:

Leibish Online Shopping

And if you click each listing, you’ll see its magnified photo in different angles, and add settings:

Leibish Photography

There’s also a 360° video button so you can play with your diamond and better examine its visual performance. Having this feature lets you truly know if your diamond is eye clean or not. But most importantly, the grading report is easily accessed by clicking the “View Report” tab.

If you want to learn more about your diamond, Leibish & Co. also offers a diamond education center for your perusal. Whether you prefer a blog-type content and trending news or a more academic read, you will learn a lot from their comprehensive library. Lastly, their diamond consultants are a click away for all your inquiries. It’s like talking to a gemologist in person.

Presentation and Packaging

Leibish & Co. Packaging

Now, we know it’s not right to judge by the cover. But with massive investments like diamonds, the presentation is part of the price.

Leibish offers a chic outer box containing the jewelry box and the diamond’s documentation (certificate, invoice, appraisal, and other information) seamlessly fitted into a cradle. Everything looks neat, elegant, and secure.

 Exquisite Ring Settings

Another vital ingredient in a jewelry’s overall beauty is the setting. Light physics is taken into consideration as a masterful cut can amplify the hue and saturation of a fancy color diamond. The metal and alloy components should be just right to make the most of the diamond’s natural beauty.

Take a look at these pink diamond rings for example:

Leibish Rose Gold Settings

The material composition of the rose gold metal is manipulated to match and thus enhance the hue of the diamond. Same goes for these yellow fancy color diamonds:

Leibish Yellow Diamonds

It’s best to pair your stone with a ring setting that has the right amount of gold, so the whole piece looks cohesive. This just shows the amount of expertise Leibish pours into creating stunning jewelry, plus more:

Leibish Collections

Check out their collection of designer settings, jewelry, and gemstones crafted in a wide array of styles!

Terms, Policies, and Warranties

Leibish Terms

Aside from free worldwide shipping, Leibish & Co. proposes a 48-hour shipping at no additional cost. They also provide a 30-day money back guarantee and a two-year warranty and servicing policy.

They will resize your ring for free for one time only during the first two years. And as a bonus, Leibish also includes a free appraisal report by a GIA specialist. Click here to learn more!

The Bottomline

Leibish & Co. Fancy Color Diamonds

Leibish & Co. specializes in fancy color diamonds, so if you’re looking for one – point blank – then this is where you should start. You’ll be smoothly guided in their website to learn more about your taste, filter diamonds to your preference, and see real-life imaging verified by one of the top labs. And after choosing a diamond, you’ll also be taken care of by their hands-on customer service.

If you’re not in the search for fancy colors, read my review on James Allen. But if you’re into Leibish diamonds and gemstones, you’re in the right direction. Their pieces may not be the most affordable, but they can cater to different budgets and satisfy your need for color without compromising quality.

Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to write to me or drop a comment below.

My advice is free. 🙂



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