Whiteflash ‘A Cut Above’ Diamonds Review

It doesn’t always start with glory and perfection. The diamond rough found in mines is only transformed into the most beautiful 1% if it's cut by the most skilled craftsmen in the world!

Precise faceting and polishing unravel the diamond’s brilliance, fire, and scintillation. And only the best of the best can showcase the full potential of a diamond, plus more!

A Cut Above Engagement Ring

Whiteflash is well known for their A CUT ABOVE® (ACA) signature line diamonds that bear an outstanding reputation in the diamond industry for their super ideal cut. If you are somewhat educated on diamonds, you surely know that the most important factor is the diamond cut. Whiteflash concentrates on exactly that with their A CUT ABOVE series.

If you’re wondering what ACA means, it was coined to indicate that “of the elite diamonds in the world, A CUT ABOVE stands above the rest.” Well, that, we would have to find out! As in this review, I will have a thorough look at whether ACA diamonds can truly live up to their name!

How are Diamonds Labeled as A Cut Above?

ACA Specifications

Whiteflash is the only developer and distributor of A CUT ABOVE Super Ideal Diamonds. Pieces in this line are cut under strict requirements to meet the best angles and proportions, then evaluated with an image package, an eye clean test, and a Sarin report.

Precisely fashioned by master diamond cutters in Antwerp Belgium, A Cut Above is hailed as “best of the best.” To be crowned as such, the diamond must first possess an AGS Triple Zero rating (excellence in light performance, polish, and symmetry). It must also pass stricter parameters by Whiteflash’s experts. This makes them the most expensive line in the world!

A Cut Above Image Package

If ever diamond grading systems change, A CUT ABOVE will stay at the apex of any cut parameter. A CUT ABOVE doesn’t only cater to Hearts and Arrows Diamond. There’s also A CUT ABOVE® Princess for some of the highest quality princess cut diamonds on the planet!

Hitting The “Bull’s Eye” Of AGS Ideal

“The crafting of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds is aimed at the very heart of AGS 0 parameters representing a very narrow subset of the overall GIA Excellent cut grade category.

While a small minority of GIA Triple Ex diamonds are cut to the center, most cutters target the outer area of GIA EX parameters, consciously sacrificing light performance for heavier carat yield.

The result is the most consistently dependable, super ideal diamond in the world featuring Proven Light Performance and Uncompromising Beauty.” – Whiteflash Team

A Cut Above Bulls Eye

A Cut Above® Hearts and Arrows Specifications

Exhibiting supreme light performance, the A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows diamond sits at the peak of cut standards. With every facet illuminated, the gem is said to present a dance of light like no other. An ACA H&A diamond proves to be the best as it falls within the strictest cut grade by AGS.

A Cut Above Hearts and Arrows


Just take a look at this comparison:

AGS Ideal Whiteflash ACA
Depth % 58 – 62.3% 59.5 – 62.0%
Table % 53 – 58 53 – 58
Girdle T – M – ST T – M – ST
Culet N – P – S – M N – P – S
Polish Ideal Ideal
Symmetry Ideal Ideal
Crown Angle 33.7 – 35.8 34.0 – 35.0
Pavilion Angle 40.15 – 41.2 40.6 – 40.9
Star % N/A 48 – 55%
Lower Half % N/A 76 – 80%


Whiteflash gauges the hearts and arrows pattern in each ACA gem with this checklist:

  • Check for eight equal, uniform and symmetrical hearts that are distinct and separate from the arrowheads above.
  • Check to see if the hearts are split and if so, measure length of heart then the length of the split.
  • Calculate the % of the length of the split and if it is greater than 8% and there are more than 2 of them the pattern fails.
  • Each arrow must be clearly visible with a shaft and an arrowhead.
  • The 8 arrow shafts and heads must be straight and in correct position.
  • The 8 tips of the arrowheads must meet the girdle.
  • There must be uniformity and balance.

“It is estimated that less than 1 out of 10 AGS Triple Ideal diamonds will meet all the requirements of membership in the elite A CUT ABOVE® category, making it the most exclusive super ideal diamond in the world.”

A Cut Above® Princess Specifications

A Cut Above Princess


Like the A Cut Above round diamond, each ACA princess is also reviewed to make sure that it passes the ACA standard for princess cuts.

Their ACA princess is inspected under the criteria below:

  • The diamond is a square princess with a length/width ratio within 1.03.
  • AGS0 in overall cut grade.
  • No inclusions that affect the durability of the corners.
  • No light leakage in the center of the diamond


A Cut Above Princess Image Package

And although both the round and princess cuts feature a brilliant style pavilion, a slightly different set of guidelines are created for evaluating the super ideal princess.

Cutters would prefer a bigger princess cut than one with a better fire and brilliance that’s why most princess cuts on the market have very poor light performance. Even some AGS Ideal princess possess minor light leakage making them unfit for the A Cut Above line. But these diamonds don’t go down the drain, they are still magnificent and are included in the Expert Selection category.

A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds Review

Now, let’s have a look at three randomly selected A CUT ABOVE diamonds. I have come up with Diamond 1Diamond 2 and Diamond 3. The exact specifications of the diamonds are as follows:

ACA Review Specs

Let’s compare these to the super ideal proportions suggested by myself:

Perfect diamond proportions

It is apparent that all diamonds fall within my suggested proportions (which are already very strict) except Diamond 2 as it has a thin to slightly thick faceted girdle. Now, grading labs such as GIA and AGS also give excellent cut grades to diamonds with slight thickness; therefore it is not a big deal.

But in this case, I would prefer either Diamond 1 or 3. Nearly all Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE diamonds do have a thin to medium girdle thickness, though.

Now, here are the diamond’s Ideal Scope images:

      • A Cut Above Diamond 1
      • A Cut Above Diamond 2
      • A Cut Above Diamond 3

All three Ideal Scope images are about as perfect as an Ideal Scope image can get. They should be red to the core without any spots of white that would indicate light leakage. Usual diamonds exhibit some spots of white and only truly exceptional diamonds are virtually all red!

Although, Diamond 3 is the one with the best light performance because it has the most red in the center, while Diamond 1 and 2 have VERY slight spots of white shining through. Admittedly, they all still have perfect light performance, but Diamond 3 is what I would recommend.

Take a look at this Ideal Scope chart with different qualities of diamonds:

Idealscope Chart

(You may also read my article on Idealscope image evaluation if you want to know more precisely how to analyze an Idealscope image.)

 Let us now move on to the diamonds’ ASET images:

A Cut Above ASET images

As you can see, there’s a lot of red/orange color, and this is exactly what you should be looking for in an ASET image. Red symbolizes light return and is the number one color you would have to take note of. Diamonds with white or dark spots indicate light leakage and should strictly be avoided.

In this set, however, all ASET images make a first-class impression. Although, even among the best diamonds, you can still find the very best! This is why I consider shopping at Whiteflash to be so advantageous. The fact that all these images are provided by default makes it easy to make an educated choice on a diamond!

Now, let’s have a look at these images viewed through the Hearts and Arrows viewer:

A Cut Above Heart and Arrows Images

It is safe to say that there is no flaw whatsoever that I can find in these images. There are no clefs, and the hearts are uniform, equal, and symmetrical. Furthermore, all hearts are distinct and separated from the arrowheads by a crisp and clear gap.

If you want to know more about what to pay attention to, please read my post on Hearts and Arrows.

As a conclusion, it does have to be noted that all the diamonds among the A CUT ABOVE signature line are super excellent. The Idealscope, ASET, and Hearts and Arrows images further enable customers to choose a true masterpiece among such high caliber diamonds.

Features of an A CUT ABOVE® Diamond

Whiteflash offers extensive features and guarantees for their A CUT ABOVE diamonds:

A Cut Above Features

What I like is the standard laser inscription of the grading report number on the diamond girdle. This makes it easier to resell your diamond and adds some additional certainty that the diamond you are holding in your hand is the one that is graded on your grading report.

The fact that all A CUT ABOVE diamonds only exhibit negligible fluorescence is something that is valued by the market because there are strong prejudices against diamonds with fluorescence. The label “negligible fluorescence” by AGS actually means that there is no fluorescence.

Furthermore, the cut standards for A CUT ABOVE diamonds are exceedingly high. In the table below, I am comparing my cut criteria–that’s considered strict– to GIA and ACA’s standards:

Specs GIA Excellent A CUT ABOVE® Your Diamond Teacher
Depth % 58.6-62.9 59.5 – 62.0 61.0 – 62.5
Table % 52-62 53 – 58 53 – 58
Girdle T-M-ST T-M-ST T-M
Culet N-P-S-M N-P-S N-P
Polish Grade EX-VG Ideal Ideal
Symmetry Grade EX-VG Ideal Ideal
Crown Angle 31.5-36.5 34 – 35 34 – 35
Pavilion Angle 40.6-41.8 40.6 – 40.9 40.6 – 41.0
Star % 45-65 48 – 55 48 – 55
Lower Half % 70-85 76 – 80 76 – 80

As you can see, most A CUT ABOVE® diamonds’ cut standards are in line with my cut recommendation. Sometimes they are even slightly stricter than my parameters i.e. the pavilion angle! All in all, I would say that A CUT ABOVE diamonds possess world-class quality, and are incomparable to anything out there.

Final Thoughts

With A Cut Above, we are proven that top brands who claim to be the best are not always solely bedazzled by empty promises and false titles. Whiteflash’s A Cut Above signature line isn’t all jazz. These diamonds deserve to be on top – above all others.

Whiteflash A Cut Above Diamond

Apart from the ACA brand, Whiteflash also offers Expert Selection and Premium Select diamonds targeting a more price-sensitive audience. On the next page, I will review their difference compared to the A CUT ABOVE® diamonds and tackle how you can save money with these collections.

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If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to write me a mail. Or comment down below; I usually answer within 24 hours! 🙂


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