Whiteflash Review (2023 Update)

Every brand claims to be the best! And most people tend to choose the finest to assure a safe bet. But to say that Whiteflash is the greatest of them all is quite an understatement.

Because, truthfully, what constitutes THE best?

Whiteflash Ring

That’s right; there are factors that make up a diamond’s sparkle! There’s actual science behind the age-old beauty that can turn any woman into the happiest woman in the world. And this diamond knowledge is not just a secret language between gemologists – it is readily available to you!

Read on and find out if Whiteflash can justify its title as one of the best, if not THE BEST, in the pool of online diamond shops all over the world.

A word of caution: The following information contains technical jargons and in-depth explanations that may need further reading. But if you bear with me, this article will reveal industry secrets and shopping tips that can maximize your budget and save you money! You will not only learn what Whiteflash is all about; you will discover more. Are you up for that?

What is Whiteflash?

Dubbed as “Lord of the Online Rings” by the iconic Kiplinger’s Magazine, Whiteflash thrives as an ultra-modern diamond and bridal jewelry retailer specializing in Ideal and Super Ideal Diamonds and Designer Engagement Rings.

Whiteflash Diamond Ring

With a massive clientele spanning around the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Whiteflash houses one of the biggest in-stock inventories of certified ideal cut, round hearts and arrows, and AGS ideal princess diamonds. Their in-house team comprises of diamond experts, graduate gemologists, AGS gemologists, and GIA trained diamond experts.

Being a member of AGS (American Gem Society), they’re committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable content on the diamond 4Cs. And since AGS labs are well-known as the leader in Cut Quality analysis, most diamonds in Whiteflash are AGSL certified. Talk about top-notch!

Whiteflash Then and Now

Whiteflash BBB Winner

It all started in Sugar Land, Houston, Texas back in 2000. Today, Whiteflash is best known for their signature line, A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds.

This fine collection is crowned as one of the world’s best super ideal cut diamonds as each piece is masterfully crafted to the pinnacle of cut standards.

Whiteflash spearheaded the online diamond industry. They have received high honors from the Better Business Bureau every year since 2004 and maintained an A+ rating. And after more than 15 years of commitment, they’re gifted with the prestigious 2016 BBB Pinnacle Award.

Whiteflash ISO 9000

They are also the only jeweler awarded by the ABS for their ISO Quality Management System. To be given this honor means such companies have met international industry standards for quality. Whiteflash is one of them!

Up to this day, Whiteflash is known for their top quality diamonds that grew a huge following through customer referrals. Without big marketing gimmicks, they have built themselves an internationally recognized name.

Whiteflash Diamonds Features

1. Home of A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds

You can find diamonds of all shapes and budgets in a vast selection from their global network. But what sets them apart is this:

Whiteflash is the only developer and distributor of A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds. Pieces in this line are cut under strict requirements to meet the best angles and proportions. Precisely fashioned by master diamond cutters in Antwerp Belgium, A Cut Above is hailed as “best of the best.”

Whiteflash A Cut Above


To be crowned as such, the diamond must first possess an AGS Triple Zero rating (excellence in light performance, polish, and symmetry). It must also pass stricter parameters by Whiteflash’s experts.

This makes them the most expensive line and “The Most Visually Balanced Diamond in the World®.” If ever diamond grading systems change, A CUT ABOVE® will stay at the apex any cut parameters.

A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows

0.828 CT G VS2 A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamond

The A Cut Above category is split between the round (hearts and arrows) super ideals and the princess cut super ideals. Exhibiting supreme light performance, the A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows diamond sits at the peak of cut standards.

An ACA H&A diamond proves to be the pinnacle of symmetry as it displays the coveted hearts and arrows pattern and falls within the strictest cut grade by AGS!

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A CUT ABOVE® Princess

0.753 CT G VS2 A CUT ABOVE Princess Super Ideal Cut Diamond


Like the A Cut Above round diamond, each ACA princess is also reviewed to make sure that it passes the ACA standard for princess cuts.

Their ACA princess is inspected under the criteria below:

  • The diamond is a square princess with a length/width ratio within 1.03.
  • AGS0 in overall cut grade.
  • No inclusions that affect the durability of the corners.
  • No light leakage in the center of the diamond

A CUT ABOVE® Princess are some of the highest quality princess cut diamonds on the planet!

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A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series

0.71 ct I VS1 Expert Selection Hearts and Arrows Diamond


In this collection, Whiteflash combines optimal light performance with the highest color and clarity grades. A CUT ABOVE®Super Ideal diamonds in colors DEF and FL-VVS clarity are handpicked to give you greater ease in shopping.

I know I would always recommend the clarity grading win zone so you can save money, but this collection is for those who has a bigger budget and want to own a diamond with higher grades.

Whiteflash Premium and Expert Selections

These diamonds mainly target a more price-sensitive audience. As its name suggests, Whiteflash Premium Select Diamonds bear premium features such as the highest cut grade given by GIA, the GIA Triple Excellent. This category also exhibits a very distinct Hearts and Arrows pattern.

Expert Selection Diamonds, on the other hand, are the ones that are almost branded as A Cut Above for their Triple Zero rating from AGS but didn’t pass Whiteflash’s strict requirements. You can save in this category as only experts can spot the difference!

Take a look at these Idealscope images from Premium, Expert, and A Cut Above:

    • 0.90 ct G VS2 Premium Select Round Cut Loose Diamond

      Premium Select – 0.90 Carat G VS2

    • 0.911 ct G VS2 Expert Selection Round Cut Loose Diamond

      Expert Selection – 0.911 Carat G VS2

    • 0.908 ct G VS2 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond

      A Cut Above – 0.908 Carat G VS2

As you can see, the Premium diamond displays more white than the two other stones. Meaning, it has more light leakage. This backs the premium pricing of ACA diamonds. With their supreme quality, they’re just slightly pricier than Premium and Expert Selections but are more affordable compared to international brands like Cartier and Tiffany’s.

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2. Complete and Accurate Information for Every Diamond

Now, before one can perform an in-depth analysis on a diamond, one needs to have comprehensive data. Apart from the diamond proportions taken from a grading report, you would also need to have an Idealscope image, an ASET image, and a Hearts and Arrows image.

Standard Diamond Image - Idealscope - ASET - Hearts and Arrows

Or better yet, have all three to make an educated decision without any guesswork involved! Whiteflash provides all these and even includes a Sarin report by default! Most vendors cannot provide extensive information, and if they do, it has to be asked for and is not readily available.

You will see that the data provided by Whiteflash will be of much use in determining whether a diamond truly has superior light performance.

Simplified Sarin report provided by Whiteflash

Now, the simplified Sarin report is not as vital as the ASET, Idealscope, and H&A images, in my opinion, but it is a nice little bonus as it can be used to verify the diamond’s proportions determined by AGS.

A full Sarin report, for instance, would show the individual measurements for every crown and pavilion angle instead of averaged measurements shown on grading reports. It displays the specific dimensions.

And if it’s an AGS grading report, you are guaranteed that it’s always spot-on and reliable!

You might ask how Whiteflash can provide that many data. Well, the answer is simple:

They have one of the world’s largest inventories of AGS-certified super ideal round and princess cut diamonds. All their signature line diamonds are held in-house!

This might sound like it’s no big deal, but in fact, most online retailers are drop shipping their diamonds and are only listing the pieces that are in possession of their suppliers. The big advantage, therefore, is that Whiteflash can offer exceptionally detailed data for all their in-house diamonds.

For instance, Whiteflash is also evaluating whether their diamonds are eye-clean or not.

Here’s their definition of Eye Clean: “No inclusions visible to the naked eye of a person with 20/20 vision when viewing the diamond in the face-up position at a distance of approximately 10 inches under normal overhead lighting.”

Whiteflash eye-clean evaluation label


All diamonds found eye-clean are labeled as eye-clean. This becomes especially important for SI graded stones because as good as all VS graded diamonds by GIA or AGS are eye-clean. In my experience, it is very likely that a diamond with the eye-clean label will be eye clean – even if you hold the gem directly in front of your eyes from another angle.

3. High-Tech Diamond Imaging

Now, some of the finest diamonds in the world should be justified by the images that provide them an introduction. There’s no point in housing stunning jewels if they are exhibited by poor imagery!

Whiteflash takes this bit seriously as their in-house photography department consists of three photographers for HD videography, light performance images, and jewelry creative photography. These images and videos display not just the beauty of the diamonds, but also their different angles.

Whiteflash also offers 3D videos for some pieces and creative photos for your finished ring or jewelry as their way of thanking you for choosing Whiteflash.

4. Finest Engagement Rings by the Leading Jewelry Designer Brands

Whiteflash offers jewelry from the best designers in the world. This is a testament to their sheer quality as top designers will only work with the best.

And it’s not only the diamonds that take the limelight, but Whiteflash settings bear the same level of cut precision and are intricately designed to suit each diamond’s beauty.

Designer labels such as Tacori, Simon G., Verragio, Ritani, Vatche, and Benchmark Rings:

      • Verragio ring settings at Whiteflash


      • Vatche ring settings at Whiteflash


      • Tacori engagement rings at Whiteflash


      • Simon G. ring settings at Whiteflash

        Simon G.

      • Ritani ring settings at Whiteflash


      • Benchmark ring settings at Whiteflash


Each label has a broad selection of ring settings where you should be able to find any piece you desire; from minimal to avant-garde and classic to extravagant designs. Suit yourself!

CAD of a custom-made ring setting

So far, there is no doubt that Whiteflash has superior diamonds to offer. But apart from that, Whiteflash also gifts the possibility to custom-design your ring setting. This is especially something for people who want a unique ring setting; one that they cannot find anywhere.

All you have to do is contact Whiteflash’s design team and introduce your project. Then, you’ll be given a firm quote which you can accept or not.

If you accept the offer, you will have to provide the custom-made ring setting and diamond’s full payment. After that, the Whiteflash team will design your ring setting in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and get back to you via mail. You may also demand at least one change in the CAD for free.

5. Up-To-Date Mobile-First Website for New Age Diamond Shopping

Finding the perfect ring can be confusing, and kind of scary, for first-time seekers. Whiteflash makes window-shopping for engagement rings relatively easy as its updated website is also mobile-friendly.

“This achievement is a testament to the dedication of our entire team to the customer experience. Our prime demographic is the millennial shopper who will now be able to shop for diamonds and designer engagement rings in exactly the way that is most effective for them,” says CEO Debi Wexler.

Whiteflash Website


It’s neat and chic. There are no unnecessary buttons as the navigation menu has been streamlined, so you can access the most relevant content or the diamond you’re looking for in just a few taps.

All the diamond knowledge above may seem overwhelming at first. And although you can always google the terms, residing in the homepage is a more comprehensive library for all your diamond-related questions – The Education Center. In fact, here’s a quick Diamond Buying Guide!

Whiteflash Filter Tool

With their refreshed educational sections, it’s easier to access their blog and guides. And if that isn’t enough, the Whiteflash website has a handy search box that can store your queries, a modern filter to ease your shopping experience, a live chat to set your requirements, and a simplified shopping cart to make checkouts suitable to different devices!

6. The Whiteflash Guarantee

Whiteflash Guarantee

Social Responsibility

Given their huge platform, Whiteflash is also able to raise awareness and make a positive impact as they pledge to only buy from legitimately sourced, conflict-free diamonds.

Apart from this, Whiteflash supports Jewelers for Children by dedicating the profits from the Dreams of Africa collection. They also support the UN Global Compact, the Diamond Development Initiative, and the Gravity Light Initiative.

Dreams of Africa

Whiteflash offers the following terms and benefits:

  • Jewelry Insurance
  • Complimentary Ring Sizing
  • One Year Service Guarantee
  • Free Insured Shipping Worldwide
  • Absolutely No Drop Shippin
  • Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee: You may trade a Whiteflash in-house diamond at any time for any other single in-house diamond of equal or greater value.
  • Free 10-day Returns on All Diamonds from Their Virtual Inventory
  • One Year Buy Back Guarantee on All In-house Diamonds: After the 30-day return period has expired, Whiteflash will still buy your diamond back for 70% of the purchase price. This may seem like not much, but I have described in my post on selling diamonds that you always lose a massive amount of money when selling your diamond.
  • “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee: 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all in-house Whiteflash certified diamonds, including diamonds from our A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection, and Premium Select categories.

Bonus: Every time you spend $2,000 or more, you’ll get a $100 loyalty discount for being a repeat customer. You’ll also get a $100 check if you refer a friend and they make a purchase!

Shop with Confidence – The Whiteflash Way

“Having confidence in an important purchase is more than simply expecting a high quality product at a competitive price. That is why Whiteflash is proud to offer the most comprehensive value proposition in our industry. The infographic below highlights our value package including our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee, Lifetime Trade-up Benefit, and our certification for ISO 9000 Total Quality Management.”

Take a look at their infographic here!

7. Reliable Customer Service

What I like about the Whiteflash customer service is how professional and dedicated they are. You can always quickly reach them via LIVE CHAT and expect expert diamond advice. In fact, they’ve always been able to answer all the questions I had. And sometimes I asked tough questions!

saleslady in brick and mortar store for engagement rings


This is mainly because among the Whiteflash customer service staff are several GIA Diamond Graduates and even some GIA Graduate Gemologists!

Consequently, you can just ask straight away and have your most complicated queries be answered in a bat along with additional photos or videos on request. Check out thousands of their 5-star customer testimonials and online reviews from iVouch, Yelp, Google +, and many more!

8. Exquisite Packaging and Smooth Delivery

Whiteflash Packaging

Finally, upon making your choice, all you have to do is wait for their end to work on the magic.

Rest assured that the diamond you picked is the one you’ll receive as the Whiteflash team checks each piece in every department.

When it’s time to deliver your diamond, the quality assurance staff will review the lab report number once again, and it will be filmed by three different cameras while being packaged.

Of course, a masterpiece should also be housed in a packaging of the same caliber. Whiteflash boxes exude with class and style. Constructed of natural solid wood, the packaging’s black motif brings a beautiful contrast to the lacquered cherry exterior and the satin interior.

Whiteflash Leather Pouch


A chic outer box with Whiteflash logo is also included. And a leatherette pouch is available upon request, so you can discreetly carry the engagement ring in your pocket!

The Takeaway

Now, the reason why I created this site is to save you guys from getting ripped off. With accurate diamond information, you’ll be able to maximize your budget and even save money. So initially, I would look for cons and leeways in a product to carry out my purpose.

Whiteflash Ideas


But companies like Whiteflash prove that you can indeed have it all. The only con might be that they’re a bit pricier than James Allen and Blue Nile. And if you have a tight budget or do not mind a not-so-excellent cut, then maybe Whiteflash isn’t for you.

Although, the slight premium is greatly justified as you’ll be owning the best cuts ever produced. You can just choose any diamond from their A CUT ABOVE® signature line and undoubtedly get a true Hearts and Arrows diamond which belongs to the top 1% of all diamonds in the world.


Whiteflash Showroom


After this elaborate review, I can say that Whiteflash is an excellent choice for super ideal diamonds and designer engagement rings. Whiteflash’s top quality, diamond education, modern website, and authentic referrals have helped amplify and uphold their golden legacy throughout the years.

If you have any specific questions on a Whiteflash diamond, please feel free to leave a comment. Or drop me a mail, my advice is free!

On the next page, I will be closely reviewing the Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® series.

Read on to find out more!