Whiteflash Expert Selection and Premium Select Diamonds Review

Just right below “A Cut Above” are two collections we truly admire for their superb quality. You don’t have to stray away from Whiteflash’s elite line of diamonds if you’re on a tighter budget as Expert Selection and Premium Select Diamonds are specially classified for a more price-sensitive audience.

Whiteflash Expert Selection Diamond Ring

The beautiful thing is, the line that separates Whiteflash ACA diamonds from these collections is so thin – it’s actually microscopic. You won’t mind its invisible features unless, of course, you’re an investor or a diehard perfectionist. Yep, some idealists purchase the best of the best just because! We call these diamonds “mind clean” instead of “eye clean” – what we should be looking for.

So, if you don’t mind not-owning an A Cut Above Diamond, Expert Selection and Premium Select are the next brands in line to the throne. Let’s get acquainted with them and try to see Whiteflash ACA’s hidden features that made these two contenders worthy alternatives.

How Whiteflash Diamonds are branded as A Cut Above, Expert Selection, and Premium Select

Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE Diamonds

Going back to my previous post, we talked about how Whiteflash’s A Cut Above remains on top. In a nutshell, each ACA gem is evaluated with an image packagean eye clean test, and a Sarin report.

It must then possess an AGS Triple Zero rating and a Hearts and Arrows Diamond pattern. Most importantly, it must also pass stricter parameters by Whiteflash experts.

Just take a look at how tough A Cut Above dimensions are compared to AGS Ideal:

AGS Ideal Whiteflash ACA
Depth % 58 – 62.3% 59.5 – 62.0%
Table % 53 – 58 53 – 58
Girdle T – M – ST T – M – ST
Culet N – P – S – M N – P – S
Polish Ideal Ideal
Symmetry Ideal Ideal
Crown Angle 33.7 – 35.8 34.0 – 35.0
Pavilion Angle 40.15 – 41.2 40.6 – 40.9
Star % N/A 48 – 55%
Lower Half % N/A 76 – 80%

Whiteflash Going Above and Beyond GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal

Whiteflash A Cut Above Bull’s Eye

“While a small minority of GIA Triple Ex diamonds are cut to the center, most cutters target the outer area of GIA EX parameters, consciously sacrificing light performance for heavier carat yield.
The crafting of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds is aimed at the very heart of AGS 0 parameters representing a very narrow subset of the overall GIA Excellent cut grade category.
The result is the most consistently dependable, super ideal diamond in the world featuring Proven Light Performance and Uncompromising Beauty.”

Whiteflash Expert Selection Diamonds

Now, many diamonds in the Expert Selection category narrowly missed the strict requirements of the A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal line. But Expert Selection is nothing short of exquisite nonetheless!

Whiteflash Expert Selection Diamond

Just like ACA, a diamond must first achieve the highest light performance cut grade given by AGS which is Triple Zero. Although GIA is more forgiving than AGS, GIA Triple Ex diamonds are sometimes labeled as Expert Selection if their light performance is comparable to AGS Ideal.

Expert Selection also offers other shapes with superb cut quality such as AGS 0 Princess cuts. Each diamond comes with gemological data and light performance images including ASETIdeal ScopeHearts and Arrows, and an HD Video.

Whiteflash Premium Select Diamonds

Premium Select, on the other hand, features a superb collection of GIA Triple EX diamonds that bear premium characteristics and exceptional value bestowed by GIA:

Whiteflash Premium Select Diamonds

The round diamonds in this category feature the highest cut grade issued by the Gemological Institute of America – GIA Triple Excellent.

In addition, these diamonds must possess high optical precision as evidenced by a pattern of distinct Hearts and Arrows.

As with all Whiteflash in-house diamonds, Premium Select diamonds are exclusive to Whiteflash and are accompanied by a comprehensive array of analytics including lab report, light performance images, and HD Video.

Expert Selection and Premium Select vs A Cut Above

Let us now study one diamond each from the three signature lines:

      • Whiteflash Premium Select Diamond

        Premium Select – 0.90 ct G VS2

      • Whiteflash Expert Selection Diamond Ring

        Expert Selection – 0.911 ct G VS2

      • Whiteflash A Cut Above Diamond

        A CUT ABOVE – 0.908 ct G VS2

    Even without much information, it’s pretty evident how the diamonds differ in brilliance and symmetry. Take a look at the proportions below and compare it to ACA and AGS’ cut parameters.

    A Cut Above sure has super ideal proportions, and Expert Select comes in a close second. But we can’t deny that Premium also bears outstanding cut dimensions.

    Also, the Ideal Scope and ASET images of the Premium Select diamond display more light leakage than the two stones. While, the Expert Selection diamond possesses more green on its ASET image; meaning, it has “less intense light return” than the A Cut Above diamond.

    These are the invisible features that are used to filter the three lines. But if you will compare the fire and scintillation exhibited by these gems, it will be a challenge to spot the difference. And if you’ll look closely, it will be even harder to set an Expert Selection diamond and an ACA diamond apart.

    The Bottom Line

  • At the end of the day, you’ll be faced with the choice between a diamond with the Number 1 stamp or the one that has better value for money. It’s true that there’s no miss in Whiteflash A Cut Above Diamonds. And if you want the best of the best – no questions asked – then go for it!But if you’re the type that scrutinizes every variance in the 4Cs’ grades, then having a deeper look at Expert Selection and Premium Select Diamonds is definitely worth it. Plus, it will save you a couple of hundreds more. Your choice. 🙂

    If you have any questions about Whiteflash signature lines, comment below or write me a mail. My advice is free!