Do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?

As you might have heard a woman usually wears both the engagement ring and the wedding ring (also called wedding band) on the same finger. Usually both rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. In such a constellation the wedding ring is worn first being closest to the heart and is then followed by the engagement ring. This is the way to wear a wedding ring together with an engagement ring:

Wearing the wedding Ring closer to the heart

The reason for this constellation is simply that the wedding ring as the symbol of everlasting love is even more important than the engagement ring which is a symbol of the commitment to one another.

So, do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?

Of course you do! A diamond engagement ring is a reminder of the day when a simple question was asked and led to a lifelong commitment to each other. There are certain things that the bride needs to pay attention to when wearing the engagement ring on her wedding day, though.

Before the wedding ceremony

Depending on how long the bride has already worn her engagement ring it might be time for a checkup of the engagement ring. After all, it would really be awful if something happened to the engagement ring exactly on the wedding day. You might therefore consider having the engagement ring checked by a professional jeweller who is able to find signs of damage or other weaknesses.

Furthermore you should make sure to thoroughly clean the engagement ring before the wedding ceremony starts. Typically, most couples love to pose with their new wedding rings and take some close-up shots of their hands. You want to make sure that your diamond engagement ring sparkles as much as possible for this very special occasion!

During the wedding ceremony

The wedding ring will be placed on the bride’s left ring finger during the wedding ceremony. The proper order to wear an engagement ring together with a wedding ring is to wear the wedding ring first and have the engagement ring in second position. Therefore, you basically have two options for the wedding ceremony:

The first option is that the bride places her engagement ring on her right ring finger till after the ceremony. She can then later on – and with nobody seeing it – change her engagement ring to her left ring finger so that both rings are then placed in the right order.

The other option would be to simply leave the engagement ring on the left ring finger and put the engagement ring on the left ring finger, too. Afterwards the order of the rings can be changed. Try to change the order of the engagement rings without drawing too much attention to it.

Both options are quite common and basically just a matter of taste.

After the wedding ceremony

After the formal wedding part the festivities and ameneties of your wedding day can now begin.

Try to make sure that your rings stay clean during the day. Typical danger spots on a wedding day for the rings are when a woman puts on makeup or hairspray. It might be wise to remove the rings for this occasion.

Furthermore pay attention to not get involved in any cake pranks like smashing cakes into each other’s faces. This might cause you to find cake chunks in the prongs of your engagement ring which you will have to clean up.

Cake frivolities on wedding day

After the wedding ceremony has finished is the best time to shoot closeup photos of your rings. There are many different poses to take into consideration after the wedding ceremony is finished. I have written a separate article about the best best wedding ring photo ideas. Go check it out!