How to Figure Out her Ring Size at Home – Without Asking for it?

So, you want to buy an engagement ring for your girlfriend but don’t know her ring size. Or you want to buy a ring for yourself and don’t know your own ring size!

So, how to figure out the ring size of your girlfriend?

I have compiled a comprehensive list of all possibilities that exist out there to figure out the ring size!

Online ways to figure out the ring size

If you happen to have access to the internet the easiest way to find out a ring size is to take an already existing ring of your girlfriend. Ideally, it has to be a ring that you know fits her well.

Now, go and check out the James Allen ring size finder. It currently is the best tool to find out a ring size online.

James Allen Ring Size Finder

After having adjusted the screen to show the correct ring sizes with your credit card you just have to hold the ring against the different circles to see which ring size the ring has.

If you don’t have a ring you can also measure the finger with a piece of paper and mark it. If you then hold the piece of paper against a ruler you can find out your ring size this way, too.

Online Find Your Ring Size Chart

If all that does not work for you James Allen will also send you a free ring sizer to your place completely for free within the US.

Professional free ring sizer by James Allen


Check out the free ring sizer here!

Obviously, if you want to find out the ring size of your girlfriend for an engagement ring this would not work because in most cases you want the engagement ring to be a surprise.

Traditional ways to find out her ring size

If you want to buy an engagement ring for your girlfriend and you cannot get hold of a ring of hers then just ask her mother or one of her best friends!

I know it sounds stupid but many guys forget about that possibility. Women usually know stuff like this. When asking this question, you may also want to ask for confidentiality, of course.

And when asking her mother for your daughter’s ring size you may want to make sure to ask for her father’s permission beforehand. Although your girlfriend is free to do whatever she wants most fathers will value your gesture of asking for permission. Likewise, your girlfriend will most likely appreciate it, too.

Trick methods to figure out the ring size

Alternatively, you could also get your girlfriend talking about her ring size without her suspecting anything. In order to do this you would simply have to tell her that you found out about a fascinating thing – that if you take your shoe size, divide it by two and add the number three, you actually get your own ring size. Make sure she goes through the calculation if you can.

How to figure out ring size


Alternatively you could also buy some cheap ring that you think would fit her and tell her that you found the ring on the street. You could also buy a cheap costume diamond ring and tell her that you will dress as Snow White for Halloween and let her try on the ring. Just find some pretext for her trying on a ring that you think might fit her. In fact there are thousands of creative ways to find out about her ring size.

Estimate her ring size

If none of her friends or her family can help you and you do not feel confident with the trick method, you will simply have to second-guess it.

Now, the most important rule for you to remember in this context is simply the following: It is always much easier to resize the engagement ring down to a smaller size than it is the other way around.

Thus, I would badly advise you to rather tend to choose a too large ring size than a too small ring size.

The average woman is 5 ‘6″ (168 cm) and 140 lbs. (53,5 kg) and has a ring size of 6. According to the overall weight and the slenderness of the fingers of your girlfriend you will have to estimate what kind of ring size she has.

If her weight and the slenderness of her fingers are below average her ring size might be a 5.5 or a 5. And if the opposite is the case her ring size might well be 6.5, 7 or even 7.5.

Always remember: When in doubt get a larger ring size! At James Allen you even get a 60-day free resizing guarantee so that you don’t have any risk when buying a ring size that you think might be slightly too large. Check out James Allen now and find the right ring for her!

If you have any more questions, please leave me a comment or drop me a mail! I will be more than glad to help you out!