Diamond Stone Shapes

There are many different diamond stone shapes out there. The diamond shape refers to the geometrical outline of a diamond, i.e. whether the diamond has a round shape, heart shape etc. Please do not confuse the diamond stone shape with the diamond cut. The diamond cut is the most important of the 4Cs and refers to the specific proportions within a stone such as its angles and the relationship of the height to the diameter etc.

Diamond Stone Shapes

Diamond shapes have nothing to do with the diamond cut.

For every diamond shape there are specific things you need to look out for if you want to get the diamond with the best possible light performance. I will be covering the characteristics and pitfalls of each diamond shape. Especially with the fancy shaped diamonds it is very important to look at the specific proportions of a diamond because these do not receive a cut grade such as the round or princess cut diamonds.

Every diamond even has a different meaning to it and symbolizes something different.

Which diamond shape you want to choose will largely depend on your and especially the taste of your future wife.

Diamond Stone Shapes:

Round cut diamonds

Round cut diamondThe round cut diamond is the king among the diamonds. If you drop the term “diamond” it is a round cut diamond that will come to mind and not a heart shaped diamond or a princess cut diamond.

In fact, more than 70 % of all sold diamonds are round cut diamonds! The round cut diamond is that popular for two particular reasons. The round shape is timeless and neutral. Unlike other diamond shapes there is hardly anyone out there who would try to seriously argue that round cut diamonds are ugly. Even more importantly though: round cut diamonds have the best optical light performance of all diamonds. No other diamond can match the fire, sparkle and brilliance of a round cut diamond! This is due to the optimized proportions of the round cut diamond which have been calculated in such a way to return the most amount of light to the viewer’s eye.

The round cut diamond especially symbolizes integrity character traits in the wearer’s personality such as empathy, honesty, faithfulness and trustworthiness.

Princess cut diamonds

Princess cut diamondPrincess cut diamonds are a modern appearance and are a good fit for women who can identify with that. Princess cut diamonds definitely stand out and have more of an edge to them because they are not round. Therefore, Princess cut diamonds are made for trendsetters who enjoy being the avant-garde.

A princess cut diamond with the same carat weight as a round cut diamond will be way cheaper than a round cut diamond. The reason is quite simply that in order to produce a princess cut diamond, the diamond cutters do not have to remove as much material from the rough diamond as would be the case in round cut diamond. For some people this is also among considerations to buy a princess cut diamond.

The princess cut diamond particularly emphasizes the go-getter character traits of the wearer such as boldness, leadership, organization, boldness but also humour.

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