Tacori Engagement Ring Review

With no clue about diamonds, you could be eyeing a complete engagement ring. But having learned of the 4Cs, all the focus diverts to the diamond and how you can get the best bang for the buck!

And after discovering more, you probably know by now that a superb ring setting can tremendously amplify an already-excellent diamond.

Tacori Rings

A superb diamond paired with a Tacori Designer Ring is like putting a star on a pedestal with the same outstanding caliber. We know both are revered just by the ring of their titles – the diamond as the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, and Tacori as an icon in the designer jewelry world.

But like any other brands, we’re here to make sure its popularity and exclusivity are justified! We’ll take a look at the Tacori Ring – why it’s the most sought-after name in the industry. And if it really is your super excellent diamond’s one true match!

The Origin Story – A True American Dream

The Tacori Story

In 1969, Haig Tacorian immigrated from dictator-ruled Armenia with his wife, Gilda. They found a new home in Glendale, California where Haig would start a groundbreaking company that would forever change the world of fine jewelry design.

After four decades of success, he still serves as Tacori’s CEO while his son Paul and daughter Nadine together with other family members uphold the tradition by going beyond modern shopper’s needs.

All Tacori jewelry is made in America – handcrafted in California by some of the finest jewelers in the world. The care and attention to detail evident in every Tacori ring is inspired by Haig’s original vision. An uncompromising passion for intricately crafted artisan jewelry truly reflects the family legacy.

Tacori’s signature style is defined by a distinctive design element in the form of a crescent silhouette: interlocking half-moon arcs which provide windows of light to reflect the brilliance of the diamonds placed within each crescent silhouette semi-circle. The ornate look and feel of Tacori design is as unique and unmistakable as it is beautiful. – Whiteflash

To achieve utmost quality, the best jewelry designers partner with trusted retailers. So, they can focus on what they do best which is creation. By allowing Whiteflash to handle retail, Tacori is able to keep making one-of-a-kind heirlooms and reflect the Tacorian or Californian essence of anything is possible.

Design, Quality, and Environmental Footprint

Tacori Ring Designs

Fusing the Edwardian and Art Deco eras, these engagement rings evoke a combination of grace and symmetry. They use elegant filigree and geometric shapes making every piece a masterful blend of the old and the new.

This exquisite artistry with precise science is known as the Tacori Touch. And since each piece is handcrafted by an artisan, you wouldn’t see two rings that look the same. They take pride in producing engagement rings that are individually shaped by a number of experts for innumerable hours!

Tacori Design Details

The representation of old and new isn’t just seen in the design, but on the process as well, as the latest technology and human craftsmanship are equally incorporated to achieve their signature look.

As for the packaging, you can say that the same level of expertise is brought to life with their stunning patented ring box:

Tacori Packaging

To further cement their aim for highest quality, they also participate in the Kimberley Process like most top brands that take the ethical road. This means that the diamonds they use in their rings are certified conflict-free and are legitimately mined, sourced, and polished.

Uniquely Handcrafted Collections

What I like about Tacori is that they have a number of collections with different designs and styles to choose from. So, you’ll see simple wedding rings to intricately-styled engagement rings. And even though the young brides are the inspiration, the Old-European feel also appeals to older shoppers.

Below are their 13 collections including the wedding rings and bands selection at Whiteflash. Click each one to know more!

Blooming Beauties

Tacori Blooming Beauties

The Tacori Blooming Beauties Collection features accent diamonds surrounding and embellishing the center stone like a flower unfolding.It’s Tacori’s ingenious take on the double halo design, perfected and presented in this splendid assortment. As the skilled Tacori artisans like to put it, they’ve given the centre diamond a “double dose of bloom”, making it visually unfurl into a full display of sparkling radiance.

Coupled with the sturdy foundation of a Classic Crescent, this meticulously engineered double bloom infuses each piece from these ‘Blooming Beauties’ with the quintessential Tacori charm, just as a lantern illuminates a dark night.

Imagine a sunflower unfolding its petals at dawn; two layers of accent diamonds encircle the central diamond, creating a magnified, dazzling impression. It’s almost as if you have your personal sunflower, shining just for you.

In this collection, you have the freedom to match your style. Opt for the ‘High to the Sky’ profile, reminiscent of a lone flower stretching towards the sun, or choose ‘Low with a lot of Show’ for a more grounded profile that doesn’t skimp on brilliance. Either way, you’ll have a Tacori masterpiece that sparkles as bright as your love.


Classic Crescent

Tacori Classic Crescent

Distinctively Tacori, the Classic Crescent Collection consists of designs that are timeless. The vintage style crescent design that Tacori is so famous for is on full display.

What really hooks you is Tacori’s iconic crescent design, graciously etched and bedecked with diamonds on the inside of each ring. Crafted with artistry that’s as delicate as a ballet performance, the collection weaves in valleys between these crescents, serving as a shimmering stage to reflect each diamond’s brilliance. Whether nestled on ribbon bands or the classic straight ones, the sparkling diamonds just steal the show.

Tacori’s crescent silhouette, the brand’s telltale signature, shines through each item in this collection. The collection is a beautifully orchestrated symphony of vintage and modern, offering rings with an heirloom feel that blends seamlessly with contemporary elegance.

These Classic Crescent pieces have made waves far beyond our shores, their popularity touching global corners. You’d often spot them glittering at star-studded events like the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes. Even the Bachelor from the season finale of ‘The Bachelor Canada’ couldn’t resist its charm and proposed with a ring from this very collection.

Clean Crescent

Tacori Clean Crescent

Straightforward and bold, designs in the Clean Crescent Collection feature the Tacori crescent from profile view in clean high polished form.


Tacori Dantela

Sleek profiles and flowing lines characterize the Tacori engagement rings Dantela Collection. Embracing a wide variety of feature diamond shapes this collection contains some of the most popular new Tacori models.

Full Bloom

Tacori Full Bloom

Like a flower in the prime of fulfillment, the Tacori Full Bloom Collection features styles that will make you “stop and smell the roses”!

Petite Crescent

Tacori Petite Crescent

Slim lines and minimalist design elements of the Tacori Petite Crescent Collection elegantly focus attention to the center diamond.

The Petite Crescent collection caught my eye as an enchanting, demure rendition of the renowned Classic Crescent design. It’s as if the Classic Crescent decided to take a minimalist vacation, and voila – we have the Petite Crescent!

What I genuinely appreciate about this collection is its French-cut settings. They’ve intelligently reduced the metal quotient, allowing the spotlight to shine unabashedly on the diamonds. Because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want more of those dazzling sparklers, right?

In essence, the Petite Crescent collection has brilliantly delivered a delicate balance of understated elegance and high-impact sparkle. Now that’s what I call a winning combination!

Pretty In Pink

Tacori Pretty in Pink

The Pretty in Pink Collection features fabulous engagement rings made in rose gold (also referred to as pink gold). The unique composition of this gold alloy results in a warm “blush” color that harkens back to a vintage period.

Reverse Crescent

Tacori Reverse Crescent

The Tacori Reverse Crescent design features a playful twist on the crescent motif. It’s Tacori’s masterpieces with the Classic Crescent  flipped it on its head to whip up this wild collection.

They have thrown in open arcs on each ring’s ‘inside story’, forming delightful windows of light – all to let those diamonds party in their own private disco. And the result? A lacy diamond-light show that’ll have you giggling with joy!


Tacori Ribbon

The Tacori Ribbon Collection, as the name implies, features design elements that flow and merge in curving fluid forms creating a sumptuous and feminine look. We see it as an elegant testament to the beautiful fusion of two lives by Tacori.

The designs in this collection feature a duo of diamond-studded bands, artfully entwined in an eternal dance, much like your journey together. Imagine two ribbons pirouetting in a graceful ballet, their separate paths of diamond pave converging to pose the all-important question: “Will You?”

Royal T

Tacori Royal T

For those with a penchant for the glittering and grand, Tacori’s line of designer engagement rings is just the right blend of choice and taste. But let’s spill the tea on the crème de la crème of this dazzling array – the Royal T Collection.

Now, imagine Tacori rolling out a red carpet and assembling their entire “royal court” of designs. They then handpick the most adored ones and supercharge the intricate details, exclusively sculpting them for more substantial diamonds. We’re talking serious rock sizes here – from 2.0 to a whopping 6.0 carats (or more if you’re feeling particularly extra!).

Sadly, if you’re in the market for smaller sizes, this isn’t your stop. The RoyalT Collection is the grand, towering triple-decker sandwich in a world of bite-sized sliders. It’s designed to be the “best of the best”, or in the designer’s words, for the woman who desires to sport “The Only Ring in the Room”.

Available in platinum, yellow, and rose gold, this collection can also serve as an artful canvas for a fancy coloured centre diamond. It’s a show-stopper, aimed at the connoisseur who wouldn’t settle for anything less than top-tier quality and design. So, if you’re all about making your ring do the talking (and perhaps a bit of singing and dancing), look no further than the RoyalT Collection.

Sculpted Crescent

Tacori Sculpted Crescent

The Tacori Sculpted Crescent collection features models that have a bold profile view of the trademark crescent in solid, high polish form. Tacori is taking its signature crescent design for a joyride into the modern era. The result? A collection that features our beloved crescent, but this time, it’s donning a new avatar – forged in metal.

It’s a more structured take on the classic design, like giving the crescent a crash course in architecture. So, if you’ve ever wondered what happens when the quintessential Tacori touch takes a walk on the contemporary side, this collection is your ticket to find out!

Simply Tacori

Simlpy Tacori

Stepping into the spotlight, we present Tacori’s Simply Tacori Collection – a meticulously crafted ensemble featuring the brand’s most iconic design attributes. From minimalist solitaires and stately cathedral designs to opulently bedecked pieces sparkling with diamonds, this collection covers the gamut.

An intimate family proposal set the stage for the creation of this line, infusing it with a tastefully modern and minimalist vibe. The selection flaunts playful geometric flourishes, a nod to Tacori’s signature style, and fresh twists on the classic crescent design.

Ensuring a perfect match with every outfit, each meticulously detailed piece comes in your choice of Platinum or 18K Gold in three timeless hues – White, Yellow, or Rose. So, if you’re looking to celebrate love with a dash of individuality and a sprinkle of Tacori magic, the Simply Tacori Collection is waiting for you with open arms.

Tacori 3995 – 4995 (Tacori Complete)

Tacori Complete

The Tacori 3995 – 4995 Collection is the ultimate answer to the shopper who wants to keep it simple! This collection features five great styles pre-set with a high-quality center diamond. With half carat center diamonds, they come complete for $3995, or step up to a three quarter carat diamond for $4995.

The Takeaway

With so many variations to choose from, the main thing I noticed was how the makers have animated each design to best exhibit a diamond’s brilliance – no matter what size, shape, or color.

Tacori may not be for you if you’re on a tight budget and prefer a plain band to set your diamond. But let’s be honest, you can’t really put a price on the love for the craft!

If you live for custom masterpieces and all that jazz, then their intricate stylings and grandness are very well justified, in my opinion. This one is polarly far from a mass-produced ring! Tacori is a premium designer brand and is still a force to be reckoned with throughout the years.

Should you have any question, feel free to email me or comment down below.

It’s always a pleasure to help! 🙂