When is the Best Time to Buy an Engagement Ring?

You must be looking for an exact month, year, or anything that will assure you that your proposal will go as smoothly as possible, am I right? Well, I get where you’re coming from!

When is the Best Time to Buy Engagement Rings

Since the grand answer to the question you’re preparing for is almost always uncertain, you want every other factor to be flawless. If every little thing is in place including the perfect engagement ring, it will swell your chances of hearing the much-awaited “Yes”!

But is there really a best time to buy an engagement ring? Are we talking about a time of year when love is in the air? Or a season when the greatest deals teem the market? Are there specific times you want to avoid? Are you ready?

You see, there are a couple of things to consider before we arrive at “the best time.” Let me break it down to you!

The Most Popular Time is the Holiday Season

Proposing on Holiday Season

Nothing like having your whole family congratulate you and cheer you on the moment she says ‘yes.’ Some of the most memorable proposals are executed in the presence of family and friends. And it’s usually done from November to February – the holiday season! It’s just easier to gather everyone during these festive times.

You’ll also see advertisements and commercials using the occasion as a marketing strategy. Purchases have more meaning when bought during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. But most people confuse this season with shopping and proposing. The holidays is the most popular time to propose, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re just buying.

Why It’s Not the Best Time of the Year to Buy Engagement Rings

Thing is, ads will entice you to purchase and propose within this time frame. And one can easily get caught in the moment and pick a diamond ring without knowing much about it. On the other end, diamond cutters are pressured to supply the demand. And anything rushed can’t be that good!

A once in a lifetime purchase shouldn’t be taken lightly. You may save a couple of hundreds during the peak period, but it could cost you a well-crafted engagement ring due to the sheer volume being cut and sold. If you really want to propose during the holidays, you still can. You just have to buy the ring before the mad rush ensues!

Don’t Believe Diamond Sales!

Engagement Ring Sale

Let’s say your main priority is to get the biggest bang for your buck. So even if the diamond is rushed, a sale is a sale, and it’s still going to look like a diamond anyways. But the truth is: excellent cut diamonds are never on sale!

The usual promotions don’t apply to diamonds more than 0.30 carat graded by GIA or AGS. The diamonds on sale are already inferior so that being branded as a sale makes it even less valuable.

Posting 50% Offs is like subtly declaring that the normal price cannot be justified. On top of that, Christmas Sales aren’t really discounted. It’s simply a time of year when jewelers can freely ride the bandwagon without marking anything down.

What the Legit Stores Really Mean by Sale

James Allen Engagment Ring Sale

Although, it’s safe to say that are there are legit sales, what they mean is not like what you have in mind. Trusted online diamond stores like James Allen and Whiteflash offer promos during Black Friday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. But their discounts are most likely applicable to settings.

They already offer reasonable prices on diamonds, so if they’re going to run sales, it’s more for their jewelry lines. Now, if you’re going to use a 25% – 50% off promotion, better find a high-quality setting that could potentially save you more compared to a $100 setting that would only save you a couple of dollars and still end up with a basic setting.

Honestly, Every Day is a Great Day to Be Engaged!


The holidays may be the most popular times to propose, but people are getting engaged every single day. This means people buy engagement rings any time of year. If you know she’s the one, and you know a jeweler you can trust, there’s no need to look for the “best time.” Any day can be the perfect day if you’ve done your homework.

Happy Proposal Day

But If We’re Going to Be Specific…

Retailers are less busy during summer, and most people tend to shy away from buying diamonds as the spending is more geared towards vacations. You’ll also notice that pricing will slightly drop after Christmas and V-day as vendors are weighed down by inventory and have bills to pay. You might even want to go shopping on a weekday as suppliers can allot more time with you and your diamond.

The Best Time to Buy an Engagement Ring is 3 Months Before You Propose!

Just like how shopping shouldn’t be done without research, the proposal also needs enough time allowance for delays and whatnots. This is old but gold: It’s better safe than sorry! Engagement ring productions tend to be slower at peak times, and this uncertainty adds up to the stress before the proposal date.

With enough time to know what she likes, research, compare and finally decide, you’ll also have more time to wait for the delivery and ace the proposal. At least three months is the best time to buy engagement rings especially if you’re eyeing the holidays as your proposal date.

Just Make Sure You’re Ready to Get Married

Aside from the technical aspects, it all boils down to your headspace and emotional state. If what urged you to read this right now isn’t just a giddy feeling but a deep and genuine happiness hopeful for the future, then you’re on the right path.

Don’t let society or the economy tell you when to buy. The whole process from researching to buying to proposing is one of the best things you’ll experience if you’re doing all these for the right reasons; that you’re not pressured to spend the rest of your life with this person; that you’re ready, and you just know.

Thinking of Buying an Engagement Ring Now?


Since we’ve answered when and probably why, let’s find out where and how! Before considering buying one, how about asking your mom or relatives for their antique engagement ring? It would be an honor to receive such an intimate and memorable jewelry. Classics never go wrong, and the legacy passed on will definitely be one for the books!

Although if you think she’ll love a new ring made just for her, there are thousands of options online. Don’t worry it’s totally safe and legit! I’m leaning more towards online diamond stores because it’s the new way of engagement ring shopping.

Hi-tech Engagement Ring Shopping

Physical stores may be traditional, and you can see the diamond in person. But they also have pressuring salespeople, high inventory costs and fancy showrooms that up their pricing, and finally, a 10x loupe that won’t let you see enough if you want to get technical.

Online shops like James Allen revolutionize digital shopping with their diamond display technology. Not only will you see diamonds up to 40x zoom, but also with 360° HD videos. Take a look at my diamond shop reviews in this post and find out which one resonates with you.

The Takeaway

James Allen Diamond Search

Back in the day, who would’ve thought that you can ask the internet about a huge purchase like a diamond and even an intimate subject such as getting married. But we are now in this age where all kinds of information are at your fingertips.

Since your next step is to choose the right diamond, you don’t have to look far! Check out this site’s extensive library of diamond knowledge, and you’ll be guided until you find the perfect engagement ring for her. Best of luck to your search!

Let me know if you have questions in the comments section below. Or write to me, I’d be happy to enlighten your more. 🙂