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Contact Your Diamond TeacherI know from my own experience how tricky it is to start out looking for a good diamond and having no clue how to go about it.

I am here to help you out for free with any issue that you might have.

Of course, I do encourage you to get educated on the 4Cs yourself. But I can also help you out if you don’t have any idea and just want to receive some good suggestions for diamonds with an excellent cost-performance ratio. Other than that I am glad to go into an in-depth diamond analysis with you to give you my opinion on the diamonds that you consider buying.

You can either email me directly or use the contact form below.

In order to help you out in the most efficient manner I would like to ask you to provide the following information:

General Guidelines for getting you the best diamond recommendations:

– Please tell me your budget as accurately as you can and whether the ring setting is included in the budget or not.
– Are you looking to get the biggest bang for your buck? Thus, are you content with a diamond as long as it is eye-clean even if it is a SI diamond? Or do you need to have a certain clarity grade, color grade or carat size on the grading report for symbolic reasons? Tell me about your preferences!

General Guidelines for my opinion on diamonds:

– Please make sure to provide as many details as you can. Only this way will I be able to form a reasonable opinion. If you are buying on the internet, please provide the URL of the diamond and/or the grading report.

I always reply within 24 hours and I am looking forwards to hearing from you!

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