The Diamond 4Cs

The Diamond 4CsDiamonds are a girl’s best friends. Diamonds are forever. And Rhianna wants you to shine bright like a diamond…:)

Diamonds are the hardest objects on the planet and they sparkle and shine like nothing else! They have made it into the symbol of everlasting love and you are most likely on my website because you want to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring for your future wife.

Diamonds can cost several thousands of dollars and they can be pretty hard to understand. You might be paying thousands of dollars for premium features which you cannot appreciate AT ALL with your bare eyes but only on your grading report. And this is absolutely fine as long as you know that you are paying more money for premium features.

When it comes to diamonds you should follow one of life’s most universal rules: You should live in a way that you will not be regretting things later on! Usually the things that you regret most in life are the things that you have not done. And I have quite some people contact me after having bought a diamond. The thing that they regret is that they have not educated themselves on the diamond 4Cs. Which means that they were quite likely to make a bad deal!

Please, do yourself a favour and don’t be that person! I have compiled a very comprehensive database on the diamond 4Cs. Just by reading about it all you will have a huge advantage over people who don’t take that time to invest into their own brain.

The essentials on diamonds – the Diamond 4Cs

1. Cut – Discover why the Cut is King!

The cut rules everything. The cut refers to the specific proportions of a diamond and these govern the way in which the light is reflected. A bad cut will make any diamond look dull and lifeless. An excellent cut however will make your diamond sparkle and scintillate in the most mesmerizing manner. And the cut has a direct influence on all the other 3Cs!

Unfortunately most websites or jewellers don’t give you the in-depth information that you really need to have on the diamond cut. With the information I provide you will know about the details that really matter!

2. Carat Weight – Size does matter, too!

The first question friends and relatives will ask you about your diamond will most likely be how many carats it has. This is quite a superficial question as in my opinion the question what cut grade your diamond has would be more important.

But it cannot be denied that a diamond which is bigger has more light to reflect and thus a bigger bling-factor. I will be covering the carat weight so that you really get an idea what your diamond with a certain carat weight will look like.

3. Color – Discover how to save yourself a lot of money!

The market wants you to buy diamonds with the highest color grades. However, if you really want to get the biggest bang for your buck there is no need to go for the highest color grades. Even if you choose a diamond several color grades below the highest color grade it will still look completely colorless!

I will outline the best color grades you should choose depending on your preferred diamond shape and ring metal. This could save you tremendous amounts of money without lowering the quality of the diamond to the viewer.

4. Clarity – Save even more money by wisely choosing a clarity grade!

Diamond clarity is the topic where I see a majority of people being guided by uninformed misbeliefs. Many people think they better choose one of the best clarity grades to make sure that their diamond does not have any inclusions. The reality is nearly every diamond on the planet has inclusions. But what you should be focusing on is to have an eye-clean diamond.

If you want to get the best bang for your buck it does not matter whether you might be able to find an inclusion with a 10x magnification loupe as long as you cannot see it with your eyes. Discover how to get the best eye-clean diamonds and save a lot of money!


  1. I learned a lot about the diamonds 4Cs on your website.
    So, you think that color is the best place to compromise on?

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